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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Don't ever order from Tretorn!

I won a sweeps that IFC Portlandia was having. Included in the package was a $100 gift certificate to I thought "great" and looked on line to see what they had. I also found an email from Tretorn saying the next day there was a sale. When I looked online, they had a Metro Raincoat on sale for $50 and I need a raincoat for our trip to Seattle this June.

This was the start of terrible customer service at Tretorn. I called to see if the coat would still be on sale the next day so I could place one order and get some shoes as well. "We don't know what goes on sale or for how long the sale items will be on sale." I figured I would order the coat now (in case it was not on sale tomorrow) and included in the gift certificate was free shipping so I didn't have to worry about extra shipping charges. The coat was on sale for $50 which meant I had $50 remaining on the gift certificate.

The website is not set up to be easy to use or find items and there are no sizing charts anywhere for the coats. While I was on the phone to find out about the coat on sale, I asked the person if they could take the order on the phone since I was ready to order. After much hemming and hawing on her part, I finally said "you'd rather I order online, wouldn't you?" I've never had a company not take an order over the phone! This was after she said since the coat ships out of the CA warehouse and she was at the OH warehouse, she couldn't check to see if the coat was in stock. What????

The next day I found 2 pairs of shoes on the sale section for my daughter. The selection of what was on sale wasn't the greatest but found some that came to $60 ($30 ea.). I thought for $10 shouldn't be too bad since I had $50 to use up. The ordering system wouldn't take the certificate number now and I had to make another phone call to the company. The person I talked to said she would be able to issue the credit for the gift certificate and would call me back. Lo and behold, no phone call and no credit. Two days late, I called them again. The person I spoke to said she would do me a "favor as a courtesy" and issue the $50 credit to my credit card. A favor? A courtesy? For a gift certificate that is the equivalent to money? What is wrong with these people?

So today, I get the coat. Women's XL... and it doesn't fit. I'm a size 16-18 which is normally Women's XL. This is in actuality a Large. Do they have sizing charts online? NOOOOO! Does the company do exchanges? NOOOOO! Will they send the coat in the next size up for the same price? NOOOOO! (They don't have the next size up in stock and probably won't be getting anymore.) Will they send a Men's coat that would be the equivalent to the next size up? NOOOOO! I can return this one and use the $50 credit towards the full price of another coat ($225). In other words, I'm s--t out-of-luck.

I hope the shoes fit because I DO NOT want to deal with this company's customer service again. They are very sorry - yeah, right.

My advice - never order/buy from Tretorn! What a nightmare.

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