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Sunday, September 9, 2012

I won more shoes!

I won a pair of Kalso Earth Shoes from blog back in July. The shoes I got are like hiking shoes which I am thrilled about. I wore Earth shoes back in the 70s in college and these are just as comfortable now as they were then. They even came in a cool box which I am reusing to store pottery supplies in.

This shoe is called The Pace. They reminded me of the Vasque Rifts I won from Outside Magazine except lighter in weight and with a negative heel.

Thanks Connie at MiscFinds4U!

Also, I won sandals from Acorn called Acorn Hadly Slides in Indigo/Luggage. They had a Facebook giveaway. These are also very comfy - once you get used to the burlap feel under your feet.

I'm on a shoe win roll!