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Sunday, August 7, 2011

New post - finally

My sister and I are working on taking a vacation together and through sweepstakes winnings, it is going to be free. That is the goal, anyway.

Right now, we have 2 round trip airline tickets anywhere (her win), free night at Grand Hyatt Seattle (my win), $1,000 (her win), $500 (my win) and various small gift cards and free coupons for food and snacks along the way. We also have lots of free tee shirts, shorts, hats, socks and underwear that we've won to bring on our trip.

We still need to win a rental car, gas cards, National Park passes, more hotel stays, more gift cards, etc. but we are on a roll and will "git 'er done".

1 comment:

Mary W said...

We're on a roll! The winnings just keep comin'. Yesterday I added lip gloss and one Bic pen to our stash of free loot. Impressive, eh?